The Royal Bedchamber
04.19.04 ~ 11:39

Somehow, without my knowledge or approval, time has stopped moving forward. I cannot believe that it is not even NOON yet.

However, since today is also the brightest warmest sunniest day we have had all year...I suppose I should not complain if it lasts a little longer than usual. If only I could make my way outside, instead of mucking about in my dingy little office.

I still have not heard any news regarding that whole QEFTQG thing I mentioned a while back. To the best of my knowledge, no decisions have been made, so I am theoretically still in the running.

Also, Flex and I have yet to find a decent apartment. Either there is no bathtub or no counters or no room or it is too expensive or whatever other problems you can think of. The last place I saw was ginormous -- like, the living room could seriously double as a ballet studio, it was huge-o-riffic -- and had a skylight and everything and was very nice and I could have lived there quite happily, except the oven was like a foot wide and a foot deep and would not even fit a cookie sheet. I like baking things, and do not want to pretend that I am using an E-Z-Bake. I told Flex about it, and he quipped back, "Yeah...if it's not one thing, it's the oven." I love that boy.

All of this apartment hunting and frugal living has seriously curbed my ability to get involved in crazy hijinks (p.s. I love the word hijinks because of that fantastic i-j-i combination) but please suffer through the tedium with me. Come hell or high water, this summer will have heaps of ensuing wackiness. Especially with a certain scintillating Rehobothite (Rehobothian? what is the proper suffix for a believer of Rehoboth anyway?) Fish around.

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